Artist statement

A longtime photographer, video arrived in Pierre Blache’s work insidiously more than 10 years ago; probably to overcome the photographic disability to adequately record the movement and the passage of time.

What interests him above all is at the level of personal consciousness and the surprising human ability to invent worlds by the power of the imagination.

His short videos are mostly produced with a fix camera, using mostly common objects and simple materials so that the eye focuses on small details which then take an oversized importance. Through hypnotic movement, he tries to evoke feelings such as weakness, isolation, destabilization, oppression or violence; metaphor of chaos in which humanity is engaged.

To preserved some parcel of hope in the troubled moments we are living, Blache invents worlds, he creates fictional landscapes that oscillate between the representation of the genesis of the universe and its apocalyptic end: between the unfathomable beauty of our planet and the anguish of the upheavals we have engendered.

Project description 

During these difficult times of pandemic and confinement, I decided to revisit several of my recent videos to express the feelings that assail me. The two diptychs that I am proposing are the result of my desire to reveal my own interiority which is becoming more and more oppressive. I don't think it's so helpful to talk much about my work, just try to experience it and feel it…

The two diptychs can equally well be presented in the form of individual mono-bands, or in a videography installation that unfolds in the space, depending on availability. Slowness is a privileged instrument of the capture, my way of working and an essential condition for the reception of the work.

The sound was created by Étienne Fortin, with some Blache’s own recordings.

Merci de votre attention,

Pierre Blache